WeCare-Ng is a community healthcare center that is committed to providing quality, comprehensive healthcare and specialized services to communities across Nigeria. WeCare-Ng proudly serves all women, men, and children of all ages regardless of ability to pay for services provided. Our services include primary care, immunization, pre- and post- natal care, dental care, eye care, intensive care and behavioral health. We also provide support for nutritional, social and educational services before, during, and after birth.

It is the policy of WeCare-Ng Community Health Centers not to discriminate against, or harass, any person employed or seeking employment or within patient care with weCare Community Health Centers. Our major services include:


We plan to accept patients in need of urgent medical care in where their injury needs immediate attention.

Primary Care

Plans to allow for general checkups for people of all ages, allowing us to be aware of conditions before they become a big issue.

Maternity Care

Office visit with our care provider team to verify pregnancy, determine medical risk and financial status, and refer to appropriate prenatal services, including health care provider for maternity care, appropriate site for maternity support services and education.


We provide on-site laboratory services, including blood draw, speciment collection, and same day results

Laboratory Services

We provide on-site laboratory services, including blood draw, specimen collection, and same day results

Dental & Oral Care

Visit our dental clinic for routine check-up and general oral care and hygene. Our dental office open to all qualified patients is staffed with the best oral hygenist and dental care professions in the region

Intensive Care

Our 7 bed Intensive care unit would provide state-of-the-art care to our patients with care coordination and dedicated team of specialists.

Health and Wellness

The clinic will provide service to meet the needs for regular health check which include routine check ups, follow up on recommendations. The clinic will also be providing behavioral health service for mental health diagnosis and intervention.